09 November 2020

Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodle Recipe

For you lovers of Korean cuisine, this time Famzitter will share the recipe for Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodles.

Jajangmyeon itself is a noodle served using black soybean peanut sauce.

Initially, Jajangmyeon was culinary from China. In its home country, it is served with various kinds of sauces and uses pork. However, in Korea, the serving of Jajangmyeon uses seafood and the sauce is thicker and darker.

Are you curious about how to make Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodle? Listen until it's finished.

Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodle Recipe

Ingredients for Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodles

Before entering into the manufacturing steps, we first prepare the manufacturing materials such as:

1 can of Preserved Black beans
4 rolls of Shirataki noodles
1/2 chopped onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 potato & carrot
2 small green eggplants
to taste chives
Canola oil for sauteing
Meatballs (can be replaced with beef, chicken and other proteins)
Pepper, flavoring, soy sauce to taste (salt if necessary)
1 spoon of oyster sauce, sesame oil


If all the ingredients are ready, now we go to the steps yes:
  • Puree the black beans in the tin in a blender, give a little oil when blending
  • Boil the Shirataki noodles until cooked according to taste
  • Cut all the vegetables into squares. can you add any other vegetables that you like For potatoes and carrots I boiled for fear of not being cooked
  • Heat the oil, saute the onions and garlic until fragrant. Enter the meatballs and sauteed vegetables until cooked then set aside first because the pan will be used to saute the black beans which have been mashed first
  • Put another little oil in the same diwajan, add the black beans that have been mashed. saute until fragrant then add the sauteed vegetables first
  • After stirring evenly, add enough water then wait for it to boil. Enter all the spices and correct the taste, finally add the cornstarch which was previously thawed with water then stir and adjust the thickness you want.
  • Finally, because I have a lot of jajangmyeon sauce, I drain half of it and save it. half lg stir with Shirataki noodles. noodles ready to serve!
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That was a brief explanation of the ingredients and step how to cook Jajangmyeon with Shirataki Noodle that you can try to make at home. See you in other recipes. Share this recipe if you find it useful for your friends and family members. thanks.